Voting Presentations for College Professors (and anyone who wants to!)

I don’t have to tell you this is not a normal semester. During any other fall, we’d be on campus quads registering students to vote.

Since most of us are teaching online, I have created a number of PowerPoint presentations that professors can use in their classes to motivate students to register and vote (the links appear below). I have also created videos (as best I can) that can be simply put up on Blackboard or Canvas if you are teaching an asynchronous class. These are available on my YouTube Channel.

The PowerPoint presentations the advantage of having embedded links so you can walk through the process with your students. NOTE: If you teach at a residential campus, please be sure to talk to your students about knowing where they are registered to vote. I don’t cover that specifically, but it’s an important aspect to discuss.

I started this project thinking I was going to create one PPT and one video and quickly realized that I needed to create individualized state versions. Because I am chairing a department, I only have time to create customized versions for swing states. If you are not in one of these states, you can easily format one of these presentations to fit your needs.

I hope you find these useful. Feel free to reach out if you have any comments or suggestions.

Note, too, I used because the user interface was the most straightforward, and the site was more accurate than some in determining whether I was registered (I am!). You can also direct your students to,, or, among others.

Vote 2020 Arizona PPT

Vote 2020 Florida PPT

Vote 2020 georgia PPT

Vote 2020 Michigan PPT

Vote 2020 Minnesota PPT

Vote 2020 North Carolina PPT

Vote 2020 Pennsylvania PPT

Vote 2020 Wisconsin PPT