Sister Wives is not very good TV, though it’s interesting faith

sister-wives-brown-family-284x212I decided I should watch Sister Wives, a new reality series on TLC–in part because of the topic and in part because the negative press surrounding the show. The topic of the show is the life of a polygamist family. The negative press relates to the husband being brought up on felony bigamy charges. In truth you can’t help but think this was a publicity stunt given the timing and the inevitablity of the charges. If people tune in expecting anything salacious, they will be decidedly disappointed. Rather this is all quite boring, particularly from a reality TV lens. The questions I wanted answered (which weren’t in the first episode and might be later) is why did they agree to do this? The man of the house says that he is concerned for his career. Well, obviously not that much. So, then, how much were they paid to be “outed” so to speak? Enough to never work again with 21 kids in the house and a fourth wife on the way? Someone else out there will have to tell me what transpires. It just wasn’t compelling enough for me to tune in again.