Marketing affects institutions from education to religion, from politics to philanthropy. Here is a selection of Mara’s writings—academic and popular—as well as read articles and listen to radio programs about her work.

Select writings of Mara’s

TripC_40PxHigh“Nothing for Money and Your Work for Free: Internships and the Marketing of Higher Education”.
tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique. 13(2), 471-485.

Select press about Mara’s work

Bloomberg“Compassionate Consumerism Draws Copycats”.
Cotton Timberlake for Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

NYT_40p“Storm Charity: 15% of What?”.
Ginia Bellafante for New York Times.

AdAge_40pxHigh“Marketers Shouldn’t Dominate Charities”.
Rance Crain for Advertising Age.

   “Black Ops Advertising”

             Majority Report with Sam Seder

BrianLehrer_40p“Marketing with Compassion”.
Brian Lehrer Show

“How to fight advertising from secretly manipulating us”.
            The Leonard Lopate Show