Month: March 2018

The secrets of ‘Black Ops’ advertising. Who is paying for our news?

From Open Democracy  JAMES CUSICK and CRINA BOROS 8 February 2018 It’s a “legitimate con”, according to one former executive at ESI Media, the Russian-owned company that controls London’s Evening Standard and the online Independent. A writer working for Spark, the Telegraph’s branded content division, calls it “creative deception”. For the American communications academic, Mara Einstein, it’s simply […]   read more »

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Facebook, Russia, and Black Ops Advertising

This previously appeared on It’s not just Facebook’s Russian ads: Hidden advertising is pervasive and growing Russians were able to secretly insert themselves into our political system because online ads have gone unchecked MARA EINSTEIN11.19.2017•8:30 AM Senators are calling for regulations on political advertising in light of Russian ads appearing on multiple social media sites. […]   read more »

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