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Native ads are targeting your teens

Wishbone–a visual voting app–uses native advertising to surreptitiously target girls and young women between the ages of 13 and 25. Quite simply, the app puts two pictures side by side, and visitors vote on the picture they like better. So in the example here, the app asks “Batman or Captain America?” However, you can’t help but […]   read more »

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Native Ads and the FTC

In December of 2015, the FTC came out with guidelines for advertisers on how to present native advertising. Much of this seems to be straightforward. Clearly mark the advertising as advertising. The fact that they even had to say this is fairly surprising, but ultimately necessary. That’s because different websites use different labeling. Sites have […]   read more »

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John Oliver on Native Advertising

John Oliver has created the best introduction to native advertising I have found. Not only does he explain the hidden nature of this new advertising form, he explains the long-term implications of hidden commercials on legitimate news. It is particularly disturbing to see seasoned newsmen talk about readers as “consumers” and suggesting that there never […]   read more »

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